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COVID 2020

A Year Like No Other
A roller coaster ride of losses,
challenges, and opportunities.

COVID 2020- A Year Like No Other is a look back at history. This book takes the author’s own experiences during quarantine and peppers these with stories from others to provide a historical account of the roller coaster ride of losses, challenges, and opportunities during a momentous year. It is told in two parts.   

Part One details the early months prior to the shutdown in the United States. It contains personal accounts, including journal entries of the author’s writings through the end of 2020. 


There is humor interspersed with the serious. Confusion and divisiveness are evident throughout this turbulent time.


There are similarities and differences drawn from the Spanish flu pandemic in 1918-1919.  

Prompts are included at the end of each chapter for you to journal your own experiences.

Part Two allows the reader to hear others’ perspectives. Complete strangers were willing to expose their own vulnerability and stories. The author interviews Rotarians from around the world, business owners, doctors, nurses, teachers, students, and virus survivors.  Their stories were timely and that’s what made it raw for those sharing.  


These are real people reporting on how the pandemic affected them.

We are writing history. Future generations will want to read about this year.


Dawn’s professional career spans over 25 years as a non-profit leader in local and international organizations. She spent three years teaching as an adjunct professor at a private college. Prior to the pandemic, Dawn was a trainer of secondary and post-secondary educators working for a mission-driven, academic publishing company.  

She co-authored and delivered family/child weight management and sleep well classes at a major medical clinic. In addition, she was chosen as a National Trainer of health and fitness programs with the YMCA of the USA. She volunteers for several organizations including, Nature Track, Rotary, Women’s Fund of Santa Barbara, and Goleta Presbyterian Church.

Her interests include gardening, biking, spending time with her grandsons, and traveling.  She lives with her husband in southern California. 


Dawn O’Bar has written a heartfelt, personal account of the Covid-19 pandemic. Rich in detail and anecdote,  O'Bar refracts the catastrophe of this global plague through the experience of a single family.

In a quintessentially American voice, O’Bar provides the kind of first person, primary source reportage that future scholars can plumb when they attempt to reconstruct this hinge event in human history

Bryn Barnard
Author of Outbreak!
Plagues That Changed History





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